December 9, 2018


So we did a thing. Yes, we’ve added an adorable, little furry love sponge to our household! Meet Freddie Wonderland. He is an 11 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a blur of energy (when he’s not napping) and seems to be happiest on our laps (we aren’t complaining).

So let me give you guys a little background on our decision to add a puppy to our lives. I’ve never had a dog but the Mister grew up with big dogs. In fact when he was a baby, his crib would be watched over by a German Shepherd and 2 Dobermans. So while Reuben was ready to go, I was very hesitant. That was until we dog-sat our very good friends’ amazing Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chloe. Now, we’ve know Chloe since she was a puppy and we’ve seen her grow into a beautiful adult with so much character. But after spending a week with her, it was so hard giving her back and we just knew we needed our very own fur ball!

While Chloe did have a big say in us choosing to bring home a CKCS, we did do our research to make sure the breed would suit our lifestyle. They are so adaptable and while they aren’t the most physical, they can still play a mean game of fetch and tug of war. But they are definitely just as comfortable being couch potatoes and hanging out while you watch tv. I won’t go into too much detail but stay tuned because I’m sure a lot of you out there might be thinking of taking home a puppy so I’ll be putting together a primer plus talk about his first week with us!

In the meantime if you want your puppy fix, follow @freddiewonderland on Insta and see what kind of trouble he gets into!

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