June 7, 2019


Happy Friday you guys! I was suddenly struck by the mood to shoot something a little out of the ordinary. So we decided to take this sequin dress which I absolutely love, to the beach instead.

I totally love this dress so much and now I need a place I can actually wear it to. Anyone has a party coming up? 😉 I initially pictured a sunny backdrop by the ocean and it looked like being a sunny day when we left the house. But as we got closer to the coast, the cloud cover started getting heavier and just like that, it became a grey day. But you know what? I still kinda love it. I had to throw on a denim jacket because it was a little chilly but I think it works great! The shoot has such a cool and elevated vibe that I would never have seen if the sun had been out. Funny how that worked out, huh?

Hope you guys have a fun weekend ahead of you and thanks for stopping by!

Dress : Zara / Jacket: Vintage Gap custom print by Mickkeus