December 11, 2019


Dunton Hot Springs is one of my favorite places on the planet. Especially when it snows. Some of you might already have known that this is our second time here, but this time we have a furry little tag along. So this isn’t just part 2 of our road trip, but also part 2 of our Dunton Experience. Speaking of Freddie, he had an amazing time diving into the snow!

Dunton is in southwest Colorado and is pretty remote and that is part of the charm. There’s no cellphone reception (although the resort offers super fast wifi on the property) so you can disconnect and focus on relaxation. The staff do their utmost to make you feel like you well looked after from the moment you arrive.

We left Zion super early in the morning, before sunrise. Reuben knew that we had a long drive ahead of us and wanted to ensure that we had a full day in Dunton. Its a pretty breathtaking drive because it started snowing as we were leaving Zion and we had an amazing mixture of Fall and Winter weather as we made our way through Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and finally Colorado.

Our excitement kept building and when we saw the amazing property appear on the horizon, our anticipation reached it’s peak! Noah and James greeted us and got us through the check in procedure and our bags were in our cabin before we even knew it! We were so eager to walk around and reminisce about the last time we were here and Freddie just wanted to run about in the snow!

As you can see by the pics, Dunton is just so beautiful! The air is fresh and crisp and you can’t help but feel so invigorated. But not going to lie, we spent a lot of time in the Saloon enjoying amazing cocktails. Myra and Heather always ensured we were never without a drink in hand and during the duration of our stay, Chef John made us incredibly delicious meals!

It goes without saying that both my Mister and I enjoyed ourselves tremendously. We took a dip in the bathhouse, read in the library and soaked in the mountain air as much as we could. But Freddie was the one who really made the most of his time there. If you guys were following along in my Stories, you would have seen him make a couple of new doggy friends. Budge, a neighbor dog who Reuben and I met and hung out with on our first trip, and Eva. We were really hoping to see Budge again and ran out of the saloon excitedly when we saw him trotting around outside!

We think Freddie fell in love with adorable little Eva. She is actually owned by Eric who we met and who checked us in on our first visit 4 years prior! We were so glad we got to catch up with him and meet his little pup.

When it was time to leave, we did so with a heavy heart. We felt refreshed and to be honest, we were already planning another visit maybe in the Summer or Fall. Dunton will always have a special place in my heart and watching Freddie have the best time there made me feel so happy. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the staff  for welcoming us and taking such amazing care of all 3 of us.

Outfit 1: Burgundy Knit / Jeans / Boots 

Outfit 2: Coat by Ellie Mae / Boots 

Outfit 3: Fair Aisle Sweater (on Sale) / Pants by Zara / Boots