June 30, 2020


I used to be the very opposite of a homebody. In the past, I would quickly start getting stir crazy if I wasn’t consistently out doing something or traveling somewhere. But the world is a different place now. Staying home whenever possible is an important part of life, so I’ve been on a quest to make my space as cosy as I can!

When you think of eBay, I’m sure “auctions” pop to mind. Of course, that was what they used to specialize in but this isn’t just what they are all about now. I went on a hunt to find pieces that would spark my creativity to decorate my home and let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed.

My style is typically quite minimal and I was thrilled to find so many amazing pieces that I adored on the site! Let me start with this unfinished Hand Turned wood bowl that is perfect for storing our lemon and limes. We use a lot of citrus in our food and when we have cocktail nights so this bowl is going to come in handy!

I had to order this vintage Moonshine Jug and while I’m not using it to store any home made alcohol, I think it serves as a delightful vase! Definitely a conversation starter but being vintage, it was a unique item that isn’t available anymore. However, another great part of eBay is that there are so many similar items and I’m going to link them here : Jug 1 / Jug 2

My Mister has been trying really hard to keep my spirits up. In fact, every morning he brings me coffee in bed and now he uses this adorable heart shaped tray and it never fails to make me smile. Can you believe that it’s under 10 bucks!?

I’ve also been cooking tons more at home. I’m sure if you’re following me on Instagram, you might have seen a few of my home made dishes in my Stories. The one thing I really wanted to get into was baking my own bread. So this bread basket was a must have. You know for my first time, I think it came out looking pretty good! A little chewy though, so room for improvement.

The pandemic has really changed our lives dramatically and that goes for how we shop too. A lot of us are getting more and more things online and as a business, having an online presence is vital. eBay is doing it’s part in trying to ensure that small businesses emerge successfully on the other side of the pandemic by helping provide a platform to get products in front of their over 180 million buyers. With powerful selling tools and insights, a business can see what products resonate with shoppers and not just stay afloat, but hopefully even grow with customers shopping from all over.eBay want to help you set up shop so please click here to see how easy it is for you to start getting your products in front of so many potential customers, like me!

And as a shopper, I also want to do my part to support small businesses whenever I can. All the pieces I found and that were featured on this post came from small businesses that now like us, have to navigate a world facing a pandemic. These items help to brighten up my decor and lighten the mood at home and sometimes, you can’t just put a dollar amount on that effect. And every purchase makes a difference to a small business.

I’m still on the hunt and I’ve recently noticed that I’ve been neglecting our walls. But I found the perfect Ebay Store, The Ross Art Group via Poster Pro. So many amazing original vintage posters that would add so much character and vibe to our walls. I also found Dipitty and Snark which offers hand made cards, stationery, stickers and illustrated gifts. We’re sending each other texts and emails but the feeling of receiving a physical card that is hand made especially in these unprecedented times could make all the difference in the world. It could brighten the day of someone who needs it badly and perhaps even make us feel close even when we are forced to physically distance ourselves for now.

So I want to close out this blog post by saying that I hope all of you out there are staying safe and if you can, please support small businesses.

unfinished Hand Turned wood bowl / heart shaped tray / bread basket / Moonshine Jug

Thank you to Ebay for partnering on this post